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The Guide to

Destroying Debt

With the Profit First system, you will be working toward balancing your cash flow and eliminating debt.

It’s simple, but it’s not always easy. Get the details of how to make it happen fast.

How to Find the Right


Experts agree most businesses benefit from hiring an accountant or bookkeeper to manage their books. 

We've got 20 questions to ask to make sure you get the right person on your team.

How to Talk to Your Employees

About Financials

Discussing money and money related goals with your team can be hard.

Here's a guide to help you talk financials, goals, and profit with your management team and your employees.


Profit First Friendly Banks

You might be wondering which banks will work with you on setting up accounts according to the Profit First method. 

We've got a list of banks who have been friendly with our Profit First implementers over the years. Just remember, communication is the key to getting what you need.

How to set up Your

Profit First Bank Accounts

Setting up your Profit First Accounts is the first step to success with this framework.

You may have set up an in-person appointment at the bank or a call to talk with your banker. Either way, we have a worksheet to help you prepare for your appointment and to note down your new account numbers.

Pricing for Profit

Profit First Challenges & Solutions

You want your business to be profitable, but you're having some challenges figuring it all out. We've got a list of the top challenges to creating profit and the solutions you'll need to make it happen.

We're talking pricing and understanding general profit formulas. Grab your resource here.

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