Green profit academy
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for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses

  • increase landscaping business profit


  • increase landscaping business profit


  • increase landscaping business profit


• Grow the Business You Love • Spend More Time with Your Family • Live the Life of Your Dreams

increase landscaping business profit

Erich Kolb, Seagreen Lawn Care and Irrigation, Inc.

"Steve with the Green Profit Academy breaks down business strategies into day-to-day, real-world action steps that help you make incremental improvements in your business. It comes from his own small business grind and lessons learned. He's the real Blue Collar Executive!"

Don't take the long road to profitability

You got Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscaping - the green industry financial GPS. You started strong. You made some progress on your own. But now you feel like you’re stuck in a permanent construction zone. Real profitability seems too far away and like it’s taking too long.

Think of one thing that if you could fix it, it would change everything in your business and in your life. Imagine what your life would look like if you could make big leaps forward. If you no longer had to worry about your cashflow because you learned the secret to increase landscaping business profit and became consistently profitable. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

We’re here to show you the short cuts. The fastest way to design your business to take care of you and the people you love.

Customized Expert Feedback

One growth plan does NOT fit every business. That’s because different business models require different financial strategies. And believe it or not, everyone doesn’t have the same goals. Green industry businesses have unique challenges and opportunities. Work with an industry expert who knows the real challenges because they’ve been there themselves.

Green Peer Accountability

The road to profitability is long if you’re going it alone. Other green business owners understand your unique perspective, challenges, and victories. You don’t have to make the tough choices in a vacuum. You deserve a network of people who understand you, can support you, and are willing to hold you accountable to get to profitability faster.

The Right Tools. The Right Time.

You have the Green Profit ToolboxTM. But you want to make sure you’re using the right tool for the right job. And timing is everything. Our Green profitability coaches will walk hand-in-hand with you until you reach your goal to increase landscaping business profit.

Move Forward With A Proven System To Increase Landscaping Business Profit

Have your challenges been…

If you’ve had thoughts about how to increase landscaping business profit, you’re not alone.

Green Profit Academy gives you the tools, the knowledge, the direction, and the support you need to make the financial gains you’ve always wanted.

increase landscaping business profit
increase landscaping business profit

I need to sell this job so I can meet payroll this week.

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increase landscaping business profit

I’m 60 days past due on my vendors. How will I ever catch up?

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increase landscaping business profit

I’m working more so my family can enjoy their life...without me again.

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increase landscaping business profit

How do I know when I should add another crew?

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increase landscaping business profit

I used to love doing this every day.

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increase landscaping business profit

When will the new route be profitable? 

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increase landscaping business profit

How would I know what my process should be? 

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increase landscaping business profit

Is this new equipment really making me money?

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increase landscaping business profit

Will I always have to work weekends?

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increase landscaping business profit

My family will understand these few extra hours…every day, right?

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increase landscaping business profit

Are we there yet? How much further before this feels less like a job and more like a life?

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increase landscaping business profit

Profit First felt like it was working, but I’m nowhere near profitable yet. IS this even worth it?

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increase landscaping business profit

If I work harder, when will the money follow?

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increase landscaping business profit

I can’t look at all those numbers. They don’t mean anything to me. It’s too complicated.

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increase landscaping business profit

I thought after x years, I’d be working less.

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increase landscaping business profit

I don’t know what to ask when my business is struggling with cash flow or growth.

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increase landscaping business profit

Is my own version of Profit First working the way it should?

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increase landscaping business profit

My revenue is growing, and my bottom line is shrinking.

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Every Winner Has a Coach and a
Support Network in Their Crew

There’s something business people don’t like to talk about. No one is born understanding cash flows and forecasting. This takes time, tools, and practice. It doesn't need to be complicated. Connecting what works for you is the key to successfully increase landscaping business profit.

You have a powerful financial dashboard that finally makes sense.

Someone provides you the tools you need to get to the next profitable business milestone.

A plan so emergency expenses are no sweat.

There’s money in the bank to pay business and personal taxes when they come due.

A green business expert listens to what you really want from your business and helps you plan for the next step that will get you the furthest, fastest.

You get the support you need to get through the challenges you face when trying to increase landscaping business profit.

You can spend more time with your family, living the life of your dreams.

You have more time for sports, camping, fishing, hunting, vacations, and your family events.

You’re fully present on vacation every day you’re there.

Predictable profit from your business and a life you love is right around the corner.

• Momentum Moves You Forward Faster •

Without having to work so hard.

How can we support you in your quest to increase landscaping business profit?



We have FREE tools available to everyone. AND with a Green Profit Toolbox Membership, you'll have access to advanced tools, online calculators, and our exclusive virtual community. You'll be able to post questions, get feedback from peers, and be the first to experience our latest Profit First information. Membership is included with our coaching program, or you can buy it as a standalone.

Green Profit Toolbox Membership


Green Profit Academy Team Mastermind Membership


From beginner to advanced, we have self-paced webinars that will meet you where you are and get you where you want to go. We're talking Profit First blueprints that fit your business. Let our Mastery Level Certified Profit First Professional walk you through how to turn your cash-eating monster into a money-making dream. One day will get you miles down the road to profitability.
Profit First Kickstarter Webinar
Profit First Foundational Webinar
Profit First Advanced Webinar


We could all use a deep dive into specific areas of business that affect our finances. To address this need, we offer shorter courses that target identified challenges within your business. From “Unlocking Your Growth Mindset” to accelerating your business goals, you'll get actionable insight that's immediately useful. And that's something you can take to the bank!

Unlocking Your Growth Mindset - Utilizing The Choice Map

Business Accelerator Kickstarter Workshop

Profit First Peer Group

The GPA Profit First Peer Group is a gathering of green industry members who share their goals and support each other in reaching them. The group meets regularly to discuss their goals for the next month, to report on their progress from the month before, and to offer support to other members.

The Green Profit Academy Profit First Peer Group



You can work the Profit First system by yourself, but you can also get help from experts. Green Profit Academy coaching means experts are walking the journey with you, and your small group of peers offers accountability and insights into what's working and what's not.
Small Group Coaching
1:1 Strengths Coaching
Green Profit Academy Business Triage Response Path
Clifton Strengths Company Group Coaching

the green profit academy approachTM

Green Profit Academy consults lawn care and landscape business owners on obtaining long-term sustainability and scalable growth. That means: your company can become permanently profitable by utilizing our industry-specialized Profit First program, and you learn how to scale and grow your company by participating in our small group coaching program. Our clients increase their gross profit margins by 25% and grow their net profit by 500%.

Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses will teach you the proven Profit First Principles (made famous by Mike Michalowicz) to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making dream.


Removing the Mystery From Financial Numbers to Confidently Navigate Their Own Way

“Listening, Questioning, Challenging you to identify your pain points and overcome them. That’s what Steve Bousquet does. Steve’s heartfelt advice comes from the real-world small business grind and lessons learned. Steve does not spout out lofty, aspirational, intangible ideas from the ivory tower of business advice. Steve breaks down business strategies into day-to-day, real-world action steps that help you make incremental improvements in your business. Steve has done this for me and I am greatly appreciative. That’s what makes Steve the Blue Collar Executive!”

Erich Kolb

Seagreen Lawn Care and Irrigation, Inc.

"Steve Bousquet has over 35 years of Green Industries experience. He has actively interacted with thousands of companies throughout the country. He has been involved in many networking groups and is the former President of the Connecticut Landscape & Nursery Association. Steve has countless credentials and certifications which he has amassed over the years. Steve has made many sacrifices to help other companies in the Green Industries that have gone beyond his consulting duties.  He demonstrates the ability to make tactical decisions without being hindered by his emotions.

Steve Bousquet has been consulting for our company for over 20 years. He is able to look at numbers and help make tactical decisions that make the most sense financially and emotionally."

Alan Lehigh

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping
increase landscaping business profit

• mike michalowicz •

Author, Profit First

A Message From Mike

I’ve known Christeen and Steve for a long time. They have a passion for lawn care and landscaping business owners. That’s because they know your business is all about growing things and making assets beautiful and valuable for people. And now they want that for you. They want you to have a beautiful and valuable asset in your business that grows so you can have a beautiful and valuable life. Christeen and I painstakingly put a roadmap together for businesses like yours. And now she and Steve want to help you tailor the process to fit where you’re starting and where you really want to go. And they want to save you valuable time on your way. If you’re ready to shave hours off your drive to permanent profitability, this is the team that can help you do it.

Eliminating the Roadblocks With Green Profit Academy

Before you apply, I have to warn you: The Green Profit Academy is not for everyone. The last thing we want to do is have you enroll and get less than the results you deserve.


The Green Profit Academy is the wrong place if:

  • You’re finished with hard work. This is a different kind of hard work. And it pays off faster. But it still takes effort.

  • You’re not willing to learn and grow and make the necessary changes.

  • You won’t participate in the group. Peers are one of the biggest reasons we succeed in the Green Profit Academy. If you don’t want to work with other businesses like yours, this probably isn’t the place for you.

  • You don’t want to be open and honest in this confidential and supportive space about where you really are, the struggles you’re facing, wrong turns you’ve already made, and the frustrations you’re feeling.

  • You’re mentally not ready for the freedom to live a great life. You heard that right. Sometimes we find participants aren’t ready to leave the grind behind and move into a better life.

If the Green Profit Academy is not a good fit for you and your business, that’s absolutely okay. But if you’re ready to let go of all the uncertainty that comes with working harder for a dollar to increase landscaping business profit, and you want to do it with a group of supportive people, this is the right place for you.

The Satisfaction is In the Profitable Journey

So, what do you get along the way with the Green Profit Academy Small Group Coaching Program?


1 year Green Profit Toolbox™ Membership


Profit First Advanced Webinar


Small Group Meetings Once per Month


Mastermind Group Meetings Once per Month


Online Small Group Community


Private Mastermind Online Community


Private Online Content Repository for Tracking Progress

meet your green profit academy guides

increase landscaping business profit

• christeen era •

Christeen Era, co-founder of the Green Profit Academy, is an accounting and consulting professional who has helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses improve their cash flow, post higher profits, and achieve stronger growth. In Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Companies, she provides an industry-specific toolbox to help the owners of these businesses manage their expenses and increase their gross profit margins to as high as 65%. Passionate about helping her clients flourish and grow, she is a certified Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Fix This Next Advisor, and QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Connect with Christeen at or

steve head shot 1

• Steve Bousquet •

Steve Bousquet, founder of American Landscape and Lawn Science and co-founder of the Green Profit Academy (GPA), calls himself a “blue-collar executive.” He is a certified nurseryman and Disney landscape designer. To save his business from going under in 2001, he devoted himself to financial business management, team building, people development, and strategic growth. He has consulted with dozens of lawn care and landscape companies, helping them identify target markets and plan growth strategies and explaining how to avoid making the same mistakes that he made. Connect with Steve at

You’re a Savvy Business Owner

We know you have questions about our process. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Is this a one-time membership or are there ongoing costs associated?

The coaching program includes the Green Profit Toolbox™ Membership, Profit First Advanced Webinar, Mastery Small-Group Coaching for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses and access to the Mastermind Community Group. The program is conducted over the course of a year and offers annual, quarterly, or monthly payment options.

Is this group coaching only, or do I get access to someone one-on-one?

The program focuses on group coaching and also leverages the benefits of shared learning through access to community groups.

What happens after I apply?

After completing the online application, you'll receive a link to schedule a consultation with one of our profit specialists.

Once accepted to the program, we ask you to commit to the following:

  • Attending each monthly coaching session 
  • Remaining open to change and new ideas
  • Openly sharing your successes 
  • Sticking with the program for the full year

How long does the process take?

Length of time varies depending on which path you choose.

  • Small Group Coaching runs for 12 months. Each Small group meets once/month for 120 mins.
    - Our Profit First Advanced Webinar (12 Hrs.) or professional Profit First Assessment is a prerequisite for any coaching participants.
  • If you are participating in a webinar, the time will vary from 4 - 9 hours.
    - All webinars are self-paced.

What are typical results your clients see and within what period of time?

Results vary from business to business. Your overall success will depend largely on your goals and how much time you dedicate to the program. Some clients get the system fully up and running within 7 days. Other clients achieve great things within the first year. We see successes like no more living off prepays, having a down-season account fully funded, achieving a 65% profit. Other clients take 2 years to fully fund their down-season account. In the meantime, they manage to stop living off of prepays while increasing gross profit margins by 25% and growing net profit by 500%.

How long do I have access to the content?

Green Profit Toolbox Membership: As long as you're a member, you have access.

  • Kickstarter Webinar -  Forever
  • Foundational Webinar - Forever
  • Advanced Webinar - Forever

Small Group Coaching: access content during the program and for 90 days after. Community group access ends on final coaching date.

Do you ever update the material you use?

Yes, we will always be updating our resources. We update not just our toolbox content but the services we offer as well. We will keep updating the content in the free Green Profit Toolbox™ and will update and add to the content in the Green Profit Toolbox membership. We will also be adding additional courses, training, and content that will continue to support the Lawn care and Landscape industry!

Is this going to lead to some expensive upsell or can I get results from whatever I buy?

You will see results from whatever program you purchase. The extent of your results will be determined by your level of commitment and focus. The ideal candidate for this program is focused, sees opportunity, knows that they need change, and is ready for that change!

What other materials will I need?

You'll need 4 things for the monthly meetings: 

  • Internet connection
  • Webcam – A webcam built into your computer is sufficient, but we do recommend an external HD webcam like Logitech C615 or C920. 
  • Microphone – We recommend a USB mic rather than one with a ¾” jack. 
  • Headphones – Using headphones avoids feedback and echo.  The headphones that are supplied with an iPhone are sufficient. 

What other investments am I going to have to make?

Besides purchasing a copy of the book so you can be ready to begin the program, and acquiring the technical tools mentioned above, you are not required to make any additional investments.

I never studied finance. Is that going to slow me down?

Absolutely not! Our program is designed to teach you how to create a customized Profit Blueprint for your business. This blueprint is your road map to permanent profitability. We provide all the required educational content that meets the needs of your business.

I haven’t read the book yet. Can I still apply?

If you've already read the original Profit First Book by Mike Michalowicz, then yes. Knowledge of the basic methodologies of Profit First is a must. Purchasing a copy of Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses prior to starting the program will make it easier to dive in once onboard. Purchasing the book gives you access to the free Green Profit Toolbox™. This toolbox will give you a sneak peek at what is available in a Green Profit Toolbox™ membership. The Green Profit Toolbox™ membership is included in your Coaching program, should you be accepted.

• If you still have questions, we want to give you the answers you need •

"*" indicates required fields

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

You don’t have to get lost on the road to
permanent profitability

Starting in the wrong place gets you to the wrong destination. The Green Profit Academy starts with you where you are and gives you the momentum and support you need to get exactly where you want to be - faster than you imagined.

• So you can have more time with your family, living the life of your dreams •