Your Scalable Growth Model

forecast and manage your financials and your growth strategy

Using our Scalable Growth Business Model Assessment

Businesses encounter peaks, valleys, and plateaus as they journey from the bottom of the entrepreneurial mountain to the top. If these are not properly navigated, a small business could get stuck at a revenue tier or fall off a precipice from acquiring too much debt in an effort to move to the next level. Your goal is to stay true to your business model and stay profitable while you grow. 

Our assessment will show you percentages you should be spending at a minimum and maximum in each expense category. Each business model and/or blue print requires a different approach.

Most of our participants have the greatest success walking through this assessment with their Profit First Professional. We have downloadable instructions to send to your Profit First Professional before you begin completing the assessment, so you'll have all the information you need.

Step 1 - Start your assessment.

with a few quick questions so we can identify your business model and blueprint.

If you've already taken the challenge to identify your business model, you should see your entries from the challenge prefilled in the form below. Hit submit if everything remains the same.

Step 2 - Enter your numbers.

Get ready for part 2, because you're going to need some information to complete this step.

Here's what you'll need to complete Step 2.

  • Your P&L for the last 12 months of business.
  • The tax returns for each owner for your last full year of business' tax period.
  • Your balance sheet for the last 12 months of business.
  • Your cash-flow statement for the last 12 months of business.

If you don't have those numbers handy, go grab them now, or send your Profit First Professional a copy of these instructions so they can help you get the information you need before you begin. If you start entering your information and you close this window, you'll have to start again.

Step 3 - View your results and take action to grow your profits and enjoy your life!

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